• 1.What to Expect
  • Where do I go when I get there?

    As you enter your options are obvious and well-marked. There will be an information booth on your right, near the entrance to the gathering space. Before finding your seat, we warmly invite you to Coffee Crossing (straight in on the left). Once there, help yourself to coffee, hot chocolate or treats for the kids. You are welcome to take your beverage into the sanctuary.

    If you have children, your first stop will be on your left at our children's check-in station. Our volunteers will guide you through the check-in process and answer any questions you have about handling your children.

  • What do I wear?

    Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Our clothes don’t define us; our relationship with Christ does. You will find most people wear jeans (or shorts). There are others who choose ‘business casual’ (slacks, shirts, blouses and skirts).

  • What do I do with my children?

    All children are welcome at CrossBridge. The BridgeKIDS ministry includes all children birth through age 3. Safety is a priority at CrossBridge. All children must be signed in at the ‘Bridge Kid’s’ check-in counter located on your left. Please allow a few extra minutes the first time you attend and a host will help you navigate our automated check-in and introduce you to some new friends.

    Once checked in, children can be taken to their rooms downstairs where a servant will lovingly take care of your child. Families are always welcome to accompany their child, if you are more comfortable with this. All BridgeKIDS servants have completed background checks.

  • Can I keep my child with me during service?

    Absolutely!  We encourage parents to do what's most comfortable for them and worshiping with your children is never a bad thing.  Please be respectful of other people in the service if your child cannot handle sitting still for the length of the service.  For your convenience, we do have our sermon broadcast into the coffee crossing area where your child can make all the noise they wish and you can still hear the message!

  • What are the name tags that some people are wearing?

    The people with name tags are part of our "Ask Me" team.  The team is made up of mostly staff and CORE group (leadership) members and are people that can answer any questions you may have and get you pointed in the right direction!

  • What happens if the weather is bad?
    Joey Colson15-01-2017

    In the event of severe weather, visit our website or Facebook page. We will post announcements as soon as we are able. Watch Channel 10/11 or listen to KFOR 1240 AM, KLMS 1480 AM, 96.1 FM or 95.1 FM for closing announcements. We follow the Lincoln Public Schools (LPS) closing policy. If LPS is closed or releases early, all events at CrossBridge will be cancelled for that day. On Sundays we will always strive to have our scheduled worship. In all cases, please use your personal discretion to determine if it is safe for you to leave your home to travel to church.

  • 2.What Next?
  • How do I get involved with the church?

    You can contact our church office using the "Contact Us" option at the top of the page or visit us on a Sunday morning and complete a "Connection Card" so we can help you get involved!