Photo by Jack Moreh

Photo by Jack Moreh

Giving to CrossBridge just got a great deal easier. Now, you can donate to CrossBridge by:

Donate By The Web:

Simply click HERE to give via our secure web giving page.

Donate By Text:

You can text a donation to 402.370.5698. Simply text an amount, $XXX [Make sure you have the $ sign and replace the XXX with an amount – for example $250]. If you are a first time giver via text, you will be prompted to register with When you do, eservicetext will handle the rest. You will also receive a conformation text letting you know your gift was received.

Donate By Auto Pay:

Set up, via your bank, to have a “auto payment” set up. In your Bill Pay feature of your bank, you can set up to have your gifts automatically sent to us as you desire.

Donate by Shopping on

You can help CrossBridge simply by shopping on All you need to do is sign on to your account and select CrossBridge Christian Church, Lincoln NE via as the Charity of your choice. CrossBridge will receive a percentage of your spending. Please Remember, you will need to shop via for us to receive the donation [you will not need to sign-up for anything special, you can use your current account sign-in].

Donate By “Swipe” Coming Soon:



We know life can be a bit crazy and sometimes giving an offering to CrossBridge falls between the cracks of a hectic life. We know, because we’re all in that same situation. You need to know, while you’ll be able to use a credit card to give, we strongly recommend you don’t. There’s no need to go into debt by using your credit card to support CrossBridge.