Building Guidelines

(If you are submitting an event which will not be held at CrossBridge Christian Church, please click here.)


Here at CrossBridge, our primary function is to advance the good news of Jesus. This takes many forms and our building is one of the tools we use to carry out our functions. In order to maintain the building’s readiness for ministry and to cooperate with our daycare provider, we do have a few simple guidelines we ask you to consider:


  1. Any request must be made at least 72 hours before the event. This allows us adequate time to coordinate with our daycare, if necessary, and for scheduling of staff, if necessary. Because we need to coordinate with groups and staff, responses may take longer than 24 hours, but we will try to approve/deny events in a timely manner (usually within 72 hours). The earlier you can make your request, the better.
  2. Access to the basement during daycare hours is restricted. Our daycare operates from 6:30am to 6:00pm. During these hours, all doors must remain locked and access to the downstairs areas are extremely limited, for the safety of the kids and compliance with the state regulations. If you have questions about this or need access or property from the basement, please contact a staff member to make arrangements.
  3. Set up and clean up is your responsibility. Smaller events at CrossBridge are, generally, free of cost. If we are to keep it this way, we need your help in leaving the building as you found it. Any extensive cleaning left for our cleaning teams and staff or damage to the property will be charged to your group at $50/hr plus expenses.
  4. CrossBridge is an alcohol and tobacco free space. There is a designated area outside for smoking. Please use the available ashtray. Alcohol is not allowed anywhere on church property, including the parking lot.
  5. The staff has final say over events held at CrossBridge. We want to be as accommodating as possible for our community, however there are functions which will not be allowed:
    1. Partisan political activities
    2. Groups/activities which are not consistent with the mission and vision of CrossBridge Christian Church
  6. Children should be supervised at all times. This is not only to help maintain the church property, but just good sense for the safety of your children.

These guidelines should not be prohibitive to most activities taking place at CrossBridge. If there is a problem, please contact a staff member to discuss your concern. Common sense should settle most issues. Our building’s primary function is a space of community worship. If it doesn’t honor God, it shouldn’t happen here.


If you agree to these guidelines and wish to submit a request for event space, please CLICK HERE.